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Habitual Offender Restoration

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Prior to July 1st, 1999, drivers in Virginia who were convicted of three major violations or 12 minor violations within a 10-year period would be categorized as a habitual offender. Although no one has been labeled as a habitual offender in Virginia since 1999, there are still numerous drivers who experience the negative impact of this title. J. Bouchard Law and our Chesapeake criminal defense lawyer can be called upon to help remove this incriminating categorization, also called HO restoration.

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Consequences of Being a Habitual Offender

When a Virginia criminal court categorizes a driver as a habitual offender, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will be notified. Driving privileges will be revoked for a varying amount of time, usually a full 10 years. Even though the state has not established any new cases of habitual offenders since 1999, some drivers may still have their license revoked due to the fact that revocation does not automatically restore a license when the time period ends. In order to regain the revoked driver’s license, a driver must manually petition for its return.

To reclaim a license that was revoked due to habitual offender categorization, you must:

  • Pay all fines ordered by the court and fees of the DMV.
  • Serve any jail or prison time as part of criminal sentencing.
  • Complete any DUI or alcohol abuse courses mandated by court.
  • File petition for license restoration to DMV.

In addition to fighting for your license, you must also petition to have the title of “habitual offender” removed from your driving and criminal records. So long as you are labeled as a habitual offender, any subsequent convictions related to driving – such as driving under the influence (DUI), vehicular manslaughter, and minor traffic violations – will have escalated penalties. In many cases, a habitual offender will be jailed for 90 days and fined $2,500 minimum, no matter what the new conviction regards.

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Removing the limitation and stigma of being a habitual offender can be difficult if you are not well-versed in Virginia’s laws and regulations. You can eliminate all the guesswork and most of the legwork by retaining the services of our Chesapeake criminal defense attorney from J. Bouchard Law.

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