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Typically a person will lose his or her right to keep and bear firearms after being convicted of a felony, or of certain misdemeanors. While sometimes the loss of your rights may be permanent, in certain circumstances it is possible to regain those revoked privileges. If you lost your civil rights, including gun rights, an experienced criminal defense lawyer will be able to petition the court on your behalf to apply for a restoration of those rights.

At J. Bouchard Law, our lawyer recognizes the importance of restoring your civil rights, especially your right to keep and bear arms in Virginia. As a former prosecutor, Attorney Bouchard has a firm understanding of both sides of the courtroom, which better enables him to fight for your rights.

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Who is Eligible?

Determining who is eligible to have their gun rights restored depends first on the reason for the removal of such rights in the first place. If a person was convicted of a felony he or she must first seek a restoration of civil rights before petitioning for a restoration of gun rights. These rights are not automatically restored after someone is convicted of a felony, and must be applied for through the proper courts. Additionally, those who committed certain violent crimes may be ineligible to petition for gun rights restoration.

Petitioning for Restoration of Gun Rights

The process for seeking renewed gun privileges begins with hiring a competent criminal defense attorney who will evaluate your situation and determine whether or not you are eligible to petition. After determining eligibility, your lawyer will then seek to restore your civil rights through the Office of the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia. In some situations, such as conviction of certain misdemeanors rather than a felony, this step may not be required. Next, your lawyer will petition the Circuit Court where your firearm rights were first relinquished, asking for a restoration of those rights.

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Not every person seeking restoration of gun rights will follow the same process, which is why it is important to have a lawyer with a firm grasp of the criminal justice system on your side. At J. Bouchard Law, our attorney will provide honest legal counsel and will advocate for your rights.

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