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If you’ve been accused of a white collar crime, you are likely facing serious penalties such as jail or prison time and heavy fines. “White collar crime” is a name for a variety of crimes involving the use of deceit for the sake of financial gain. Our firm’s criminal defense attorney has extensive experience defending clients in federal courts, fighting aggressively for favorable outcomes on their behalf.

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Types of White Collar Crime

Common types of white collar crime include:

  • Fraud, including Credit Card Fraud: Using deception for financial gain, usually by depriving someone else of certain rights or property. Credit card fraud involves stealing someone else’s credit card and making purchases with it.
  • Embezzlement: Stealing funds or assets from someone else’s account that you were given responsibility for—such as that of your company or client. Embezzlement is typically performed by withholding amounts over a steady period of time and/or concealing that the theft has taken place.
  • Forgery: “Forging” a signature or document, creating a false identification card, and other related crimes
  • Identity Theft: Using someone else’s private, personal information to obtain financial benefits for yourself
  • Insider Trading: Trading a company’s securities for personal gain while possessing confidential information about the security in a way that breaks trust or an agreement with the company. This also includes giving “tips” to friends and family members by revealing company secrets.
  • Extortion: Using threats or force against an institution or individual in order to obtain financial gain
  • Tax Evasion: Intentionally failing to pay taxes in full
  • Money Laundering: Using a “cover up” to conceal money that was obtained through illegal means

Penalties for these crimes depend on the severity of the offense and/or the value of property stolen. Common sentences could include years in prison, paying thousands in fines, and possibly providing financial restitution to harmed parties.

Get Aggressive Defense Against White Collar Crime Charges

Put a former prosecutor on your side who knows the strategies and arguments the other side will use as they try to secure a conviction against you. Our firm knows how to respond to even the most challenging arguments from the prosecution, and will employ our aggressive defense strategies to protect your rights.

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