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While street gangs may have started out in bigger cities, they have since spread throughout the U.S., including areas of Virginia. Any involvement in a gang can lead to serious repercussions, and gang members accused of criminal activity will often suffer more severe penalties and longer prison sentences than those who act independently. If you are facing criminal accusations on behalf of, or in assistance to a gang, our firm can help.

At J. Bouchard Law, our dedicated criminal defense attorney uses aggressive and effective legal defense strategies to protect the rights of his clients. It is our firm belief that the rights of every U.S. citizen should be honored, no matter what charges he or she may be facing. Attorney J. Bouchard has successfully handled cases in both state and federal courts and will work diligently to see your charges reduced or dropped whenever possible.

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Virginia Gang Laws

In Virginia, a gang is considered any organization with three or more people that engages in criminal activity as a primary objective and has a designated name or symbol. According to Virginia Code § 18.2-46.2, the gang must also have had members, either independently or as a group, engaged in the commission of two or more crimes, at least one of which was an act of violence. Being a part of a gang is a crime in and of itself, and may be penalized as a class 5 felony. If the gang included a minor member and the accused was aware of this fact, he or she may face a class 4 felony. For crimes committed while involved in a gang, the repercussions may be much more severe.

Typical types of gang crimes include:

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If convicted of a gang crime, the penalties may include time in jail, prison, probation, hefty fines, and more. At J. Bouchard Law our lawyer can investigate the circumstances of your arrest, determine your alleged gang association and build a defense against the charges laid against you. Even if your crime was minor, association with a criminal street gang can increase a prison sentence by years, sometimes even decades.

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